Profile II Filters


The Profile II depth filter cartridges are an innovative solution for high-performance clarification and particle removal in a variety of applications. These filters are made of all-polypropylene fibers that are intertwined during the manufacturing process, eliminating the need for binder resin and preventing media migration. The Profile II filters offer excellent removal efficiency, low pressure drop, and high contaminant holding capacity, making them suitable for use with corrosive and non-corrosive fluids. Additionally, the filters have a broad chemical compatibility and low extractables. The Profile II filters have an absolute rated filtration section and an upstream section with continuously varying pore diameters, providing effective prefiltration for particles larger than the rated size. The variable pore section’s depth and wide range of pore sizes ensure long service life.

Each Profile® II element has an inner (downstream) section in which the pore diameter is constant. This section provides absolute rated filtration and an outer (upstream) section in which the pore diameter varies continuously from that of the absolute rated section up to 120 micrometers (μm).

An absolute rating, which may only be assigned to a filter with a fixed pore structure, assures consistent, high-quality filtration. The upstream section provides effective prefiltration for every particle with a diameter larger than the rated size. The continuity of the variable pore section, its wide range of pore sizes, and its depth, combine to provide extraordinarily long life in service.

Pore size variation within the Profile II medium is achieved by varying the fiber diameter, while maintaining uniform density — and hence, uniform compressibility. Profile II elements contain effective pore sizes varying over a range as much as 40 to 1, a ratio many times higher than is achievable by simply varying density. Because uniform density and compressibility are maintained, Profile II elements can be made at lower density, and for this reason, have higher void volume — which means more pores and longer service life. No other competitive filter is made with this type of construction.

The thinner the fiber used to manufacture a fibrous structure, the greater the number of pores within the structure. A medium with more pores will provide greater service life. Also, the thinner the fibers, the smaller the pores within a medium. Profile II filter medium is constructed of ultra-thin fibers. As a result, the finest grade of the Profile II series of elements achieves an absolute rating of 0.3 μm. No commercially available competitive filter of similar appearance which we have tested provided absolute removal efficiency below about 5 μm.

Profile II cartridge filters are available in polypropylene, nylon, polyphenylene sulfide and positively charged polypropylene. The positively charged polypropylene Profile II-Plus™ cartridges provide enhanced removal of bacteria, viruses, bacterial endotoxins and particles which are negatively charged in suspension (most particles). The materials of construction for Profile II Plus filters differ from polypropylene Profile II cartridges only with respect to the modified acrylic-derived polymers which are permanently grafted to the continuous polypropylene fibers and which provide the positive zeta potential in aqueous service. The fibers in all Profile II filters may for all practical purposes be considered continuous. No surfactant or binder resin is used — the fibers are “bonded” by intertwining during the manufacturing process.


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